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Immunocal information

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PostSubject: Immunocal information Immunocal information I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 13, 2010 4:56 pm

I just wanted to give some information to many of you out there with or with out cancer. I was one of the lucky ones and Have only had thyroid cancer. Treated with radiation 2x and have been cancer free. Yeah!! I've been diagnosed with MS, and we'll see where that journey will lead me. I have to talk to about a product I found after my illness that I would like to share with anyone who’s is interested. Immunocal is a product that is an immune booster, an antioxidant and a supplement that will help you so much. I have put off the symptom of MS, (so far) and I have not been sick in 3years.!!No colds, I have energy I've never had before, I feel good, I even look good. Anyone interested out there? Let me know. I can get it for you at my price, and I am now looking into seeing if we can't get reimbursement from medical insurance. I know it works. It won't stop what you have, but will make you stronger. I have 9 patients on it. My patients range from Hodgkin’s to stroke to being 98 years old and told she would only live for four years, (when she was 76) after having stomach cancer!!!!!! It tritely helps. Can I help you? Margaret

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Immunocal information

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